Only human.

Have you been watching Hannibal? 
You should.
The art direction and cinematography is amazing. 
Scully from the X-Files makes an experience. 
Most of all, watch it for the FOOD PORN.

And the reason they make the food look so amazing, is to fuck with you.
Your eyes and mouth are watering, confusing your brain and gut that deep down, the main ingredient being cooked and served is nothing but human meat. (Fictional, of course.)
Then again, I use to have friends in medicine who confessed feeling hungry constantly during autopsy / surgery. 
(Yeh good luck seeing your doctor the same way again.)

But seriously, you won’t find better looking food in any other show. 
Even the cooking channels. 

Read how the food stylist Janice Phoon pulls it off. 
And how hectic it is to work on set. 

In her early entries she mentioned pigs have the most similar organs to us. 

And also human meat will taste more like veal rather than chicken. 

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