My first meal in Tasmania.

The minute we arrived in Hobart Airport and picked up our rental car, Chika set the GPS to a cheese factory in Richmond she so enjoyed the last time.

We walked into the cafe hungry.
She ordered a salmon sandwich and I ordered the farmer’s plate that was described as ‘pork pie with pickled shallots, zucchini, tomato relish, sausage, cheddar cheese and bread’. 

What came out completely surprised me: 


I was expecting a hot dish.
When you list out the ingredients like that in the menu, my mind is picturing the cheese melted with the sizzling sausage with the pickled veggies on top next to a steaming hot pie. 

I was not expecting the dish to be served cold, and EXACTLY as listed in the menu. 

Maybe when caucasians order 'chicken rice’ from a Chinese menu, this is what they’re expecting: 


Don’t get me wrong, my farmer’s plate was delicious. 
It wasn’t what I had in mind, and it was certainly not the cafe’s fault I expected differently. 

My first meal in Tasmania gave me a culture shock.
And also a deeper understanding in how people interpret menus differently based on their culinary experience.